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Are you wishing you could knock out a wall to open the kitchen or den or any other room? The kitchen sees the most traffic on a daily basis by your family and it also plays host to all of your guests when you are entertaining. we have found that families of all ages and sizes have concerns about how to improve the functionality and flow of in their kitchen as well as how it can better connect with the other living areas in their home. Today we are going to give the pros and cons of this concept.

So most of your older houses have a traditional layout which is walls separating the dining room, living room and kitchen. The open concept eliminates these barriers and makes the rooms become 1 large room. This is a great design for cramped or small houses because it makes the area seem bigger. Also a lot of homeowners want to be able to see around the rooms without having to walk around walls. This is true for homeowners that entertain a lot or that have kids. It is important to find which walls can be taken out and which ones are “load bearing”. You may not be able to take out the whole wall. You may need columns to hold the weight or you may have to use headers that can be very expensive. With the absence of walls, natural light will stream throughout the spaces.

While the open concept is in high demand, there are also some cons with this feature. The first disadvantage is that without walls present sounds travels and the open concept can intensify sounds. Also if you don’t like to see dirty dishes, the open concept may not be a good choice. With one large open room everything has to be kept clean and organized as it all will be seen. Unless, it doesn’t bother you. Lastly with the open concept you may lose a little storage. Mostly, because you are losing a whole wall that could have cabinets on it.

Depending on your needs and wishes the open concept could be a great option. Just like every layout make sure it fits your family and life. The open concept could be just what you have been needing.


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