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CNC has grown from a local cabinetry wholesaler to a leading national corporation with 3 main sites in key locations throughout the country.

As CEO, Nathan spearheads the company’s long-term growth strategy. His role includes overseeing growth, enhancing CNC’s regional presence, and providing overall direction to the executive team.

Nathan has long considered the usability, flexibility, and quality of each product the key to CNC’s continuous growth and success. Since the company’s inception, he has consistently placed a strong focus on the engineering team, personally overseeing the daily operation of that department and providing invaluable hands-on insight and guidance. This approach has directly resulted in CNC earning its reputation as an accessible value brand, with an ever-growing loyal client base.

20 years of innovation
Whether selling or buying, those who choose CNC draw on a two-decade streak of leadership in kitchen manufacturing.

1,000,000 sq. ft. of inspiration
CNC’s advanced warehouse network spans over a million square feet, coupled with unrivaled storage and logistic capabilities.

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