Working on your Business Video #4

Welcome to your 4th Thirsty on Thursday video. I want to thank you all for watching. Please subscribe and click on the bell to continue getting all the videos throughout this series.  Today we are talking about “working on your company not just in it”.

You all have a truckload or garage full of tools.,, all top brands. You have your favorite brand and know everything about them. You have talked to the salesman, looked them up on google, seen demonstrations and read the reviews. You know the reason for the tool, when to use it and you even know what size nails to buy for your expensive nail gun. You spend a lot of money on your tools. You knew you needed them to finish the job and get the job done right. Sadly, no one cares about the tools you use as long as the finished job is great. You can go in and try to sell a job but if you don’t know the product or how to use the product the client will pick up on it and begin tuning you out. So what does this have to do with anything? When is the last time you spent money on a training class? When is the last time you took a trip to a manufacturing plant? When was the last time you spent time with your supplier to know who you are buying from? You know the ROI of your tools but what is the ROI of training. Taking a day or 2 every month or every quarter to boost your knowledge and experience can be a huge benefit for your company. You may say….But Spencer, I don’t have any time, I am slammed and I am having to drive everywhere, I have to get materials, I have to meet with the clients, I have to go watch the install just in case they need me. These are all understandable, however by not boosting your knowledge you may be neglecting the biggest benefit to your company…..YOU.

When you do start working on your business: You are recognized as the “leader”.

Understand me you don’t stop working IN your business, I’m talking about allocating time, spending regular good quality time each week or month working ON your business.

Computers and phones have evolved, freeing you up to be away from the office or jobsite. Software gives us reports and data that just five years ago we might only have dreamed of getting.

So how do we assist you to work ON your company and achieve success? At we have over 33 training classes every year. These classes give you product knowledge and product innovations to keep you up to date with the industry. We have CAD design training opportunities with our suppliers and These classes can give you a leg up on your competition. You get the basics but also the extra details that can boost you to award winning designs. Our company can also assist you in marketing and sales training.

Our manufactures, offer installation training that will give you or your crews the certified knowledge needed to give the homeowner a professional experience they deserve. These manufacturers also schedule finishing touch up classes to train you and your crews how to touch up small imperfections that will save you time and money by not waiting for replacements. So in closing remember, you spend a lot of time and money on tools but the most important tool you have is your knowledge, invest in it. See you next week.


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