Creating Leads Video #5


Welcome back to Thirsty on Thursday. Today we are going to quench your thirst for creating leads.

I hear people in our industry complaining because they don’t have enough leads or jobs to keep busy. Did you know that the fact is – we are actually in a bull market. Your business has the potential to bloom right now. The reason your business may or may not be blooming could be a result of your lead generation efforts.

People tell me that the number one marketing tool is word of mouth or referrals.  The prospect trusts their friend or neighbor that referred you and has already seen the finished product. A win, win.  Way to go you had a job bloom from the one seed that was planted. If you are like me tho you want a thriving garden of jobs not just one bloom. Remember the old phrase “you reap what you sow?” If you want more jobs you got to plant more seeds. You can’t just rely on word of mouth to market your business.

Can I encourage you to stop waiting for the leads to come to you?  Instead of sitting at your desk looking at emails, cleaning out the back warehouse or reorganizing the tool truck why don’t you spend that time scattering lead seeds.

At Cabinet Wholesalers we use many different avenues to gain prospects. Here is a list of the most ROI options we have seen and used:

Referrals with reviews: The reviews go into a portfolio for sales logs and on your website.

Leaving your catalog brochure with your information in automotive and medical offices: People sit around for hours and need something to read. Might as well be your material.

Door hangers: You can take 30 minutes at a jobsite and walk up and down the street putting door hangers of neighbors saying sorry for the noise or sorry for the mess. Here is our number if there is something we could help you with.

Drop in – While driving back from finishing a job and you notice new jobs or a renovation going on and you will stop and see if they could use your help.

Cold call – researching on the internet to find local targeted people that could use your services. A lot of times it takes 6 calls to make a connection.

Website – a basic website, with information on about us, pictures of completed jobs and an overview of services will do for now. Just something to make you legit for prospects to see.

Social Marketing – Facebook, Linked in, Houzz, Pinterest are a few that are used and a great benefit for your business. Create blogs, answer questions people have and get involved in group discussions.

Organizations – chamber of commerce, nari, nkba, Kiwanis club are a few but there are many more. Book speaking events to show you as a professional. People will begin to come up and want to talk to you. Always have your business card available.

There are many more ways available at Cabinet Wholesalers if you would like to discuss.

So in closing, do not just rely on one type of seed. Build a blooming garden using a variety of seeds. As you can see, there are many ways to find leads, it is just how much effort you want to put in it. Create your leads don’t just wait for them to come to you.  See you next week.


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