SINK BASES Video #40


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Have you hope for a bigger sink or a different style sink? Well today we will show you the different styles available and how they fit the design you might have.
When we talk about your sink options. There are many. Typically, you will have either a top mount sink which sits on top of the countertop or you will have an under mount sink which fits under the countertop. Your top mount is an easy install and is a lower price for low budget jobs. Your under mount sink is attached under the countertop using brackets and adhesives. You can use a double bowl or a single bowl with both options. These both come in many sizes normally a 30” wide or 36” wide is used. The cabinet size for the sinks would also be a 30” or 36” to fit the same size sink basin. If needed for a minimal amount of extra space you can scoop the sides of the base cabinet to give full clearance for the sink basin. Most typical would be a double sink. You also could use a farmhouse sink basin. Farmhouse sinks have been gaining popularity for the last 5 years. Not all cabinet manufacturers offer a farmhouse sink base, so the installer will have to custom build the cabinet on site. This sink basin fits equal to the countertop in height and the front side apron is exposed to see. The cabinet this sits on will have a shelf under the sink basin for support and little sides running up the top. Most used farmhouse sinks are 30” or 36” wide and roughly 9” high. If using a farmhouse sink basin you must know the dimensions before ordering your cabinetry to make sure it will fit. You may also come across a floating sink base or a handicap accessible sink base. The floating sink terminology describes more of the cabinet not the basin. You can use any of the basin options with this design. The floating sink cabinet does not touch the floor and allows access under the cabinet. You must reinforce the wall studs and have cabinets attached on each side to hold the weight of the cabinet. For a handicap accessible sink base also refers to the cabinet more than the basin. In this situation you could have a front face frame of the cabinet box that is removable or the front cabinet face is angled at a 45 degree angle back to the wall. Both of these options allow a wheelchair to roll freely under the sink basin with no obstruction. For both a floating sink and a handicap accessible sink most used sizes are 30” or 36” widths.

In closing there are many options for sinks just find your preference and go with functionality. The best looking sink may not be the best functional for your kitchen.


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