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How many pictures or tv shows have you watched and wished you had the kitchen you just saw? You can have it but you have to make sure it fits the theme of your house. Not all designs fit the structure or culture of your house. You can have modern, traditional, farmhouse, contemporary or many others. To fit your desire you start with the basics and pick out the correct cabinet overlays to match the look you are going for. So, today we will explain the different cabinet overlays to help you find the one that fits your design the best.

When deciding on your cabinetry, you must decide on what type of overlay you will be choosing? If your house and neighborhood is craftsman or very traditional you probably don’t want to put make an extreme modern or contemporary theme design. Let’s start with half overlay. Half overlay is a traditional look that has a ½ reveal of the face frame around the doors and drawers. This overlay is usually the most cost effective.

The most popular overlay style is a full overlay. This overlay is a more contemporary or a French provincial option. This overlay can be used with framed cabinets or frameless cabinetry. Fillers or spacers will need to be used in your design where 2 cabinets of different depths are next to each other or where a cabinet meets a wall at different depths. The reason is there is not enough clearance for the doors to fully swing without making contact.

A marginal overlay fits right in between the half overlay and the full overlay options. This option covers ¾ of the face frame. It is an option that gives a different look to homeowners that are a little more traditional but want an updated style. This style will still need fillers or spacers for difference of depths with cabinetry or walls.

Last we have the most expensive overlay that is an inset overlay. This option has the doors and drawers fitted inside the face frame with a typical 1/8” reveal. The 1/8” reveal should be consistent and continuous between all the face frames and the doors and drawers. With inset doors some manufacturers will offer a bead or without a bead option. This bead runs around the face frame to give a dimension to the look. The inset overlay has been growing in popularity for the last 3 years however due to the pricing it is a selective product. Usually with traditional and French provincial.

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to the overlay choice. It is your preference of what you like and want to live with but you don’t want to pick something that doesn’t fit your theme. If you are going to be selling your house, you should check the demographics of what is selling in your area with designers and realtors and strive to choose that overlay that will help with resell. So in closing remember just because there is a picture of a kitchen you like or a tv show you adore those cabinets might not be right for your house.

Tip of the day: Look at your furniture and decorations and pick an overlay that matches your theme. You’ve already proven what you like by what’s around the house.


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