As I mentioned last week, we will be taking a special look at Wellborn today.  When you shop Wellborn, you can compare it to car shopping.  With cars, you can get anything from a standard model to a car with more automatic features, more space and even TV screens.  Likewise, Wellborn offers different cabinet lines with different features as well.  Let’s take a closer look at some of their offerings.

To begin, Wellborn has a line called Home concepts.  It is the basic line and most cost effective. It is a great price point with basic availabilities. Just like purchasing a basic car you get no fancy frills and limited options.

But, with a % upcharge you can upgrade to Select Series and get some additional features.  Select Series will give you semi-custom capability so you can expand your door options, color options and more.

To start getting into luxury features, you can upgrade to Premier Series.  In Premier Series there are no limits but it is a much higher price point…..but luxury and its quality can be well worth the price.

When shopping, you need to keep in mind your needs and your lifestyle.  Think of it like – are you in the market for a minivan with cloth interior or a convertible with leather.  The cabinet line you need to explore may depend on if you prefer frameless modern styles, traditional cabinets, or farmhouse styles as well as if you need handicap accessibility, desk features or closet organization.

Today, I have just scraped the surface on what’s available with Wellborn.  There are many more lines and options available and we’re happy to review any of them with you.  Please don’t hesitate to call or email our office and we will go over everything with you.

So in closing don’t drive around town trying to piece together all your customer’s needs and desires….contact me at 404-409-0283 and I’ll help direct you to the specific line that’ll address all your client’s needs.


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