Door styles all the different options

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You are in the process of picking your cabinetry and you’re not sure what door style to select. The door style will set the feeling of your kitchen. This will also display your personal style and follow your kitchen theme whether contemporary, modern, traditional or transitional. Today let’s go over the options that are available and what could be your best choice.

For a versatile look that compliments a traditional and a transitional theme kitchen is the Raised panel door. This door style has a center panel of the door that rises equal to the thickness of the door rails and stiles. Often the raised panel door styles are found with a lot of detail in the profiles. For the most popular door style in today’s market is the option of Recessed panel doors. The recessed panel door style is where the center panel is reversed and is flat. This style is a clean and sleek profile that works great with transitional and contemporary styles. A slab door is coming on strong in the market due to the demand for modern kitchens. This style is a simple slab of wood that makes up the entire door. While you can get this style as a hardwood and in paints, typically slab doors are made from engineered wood and covered with laminates, veneers or acrylics that come with an edge banding. Slab doors are also considered European, contemporary and modern.

Mullion frame doors refers to a framed door that has horizontal and vertical wood moldings that creates panes like some peoples exterior windows. This style is typically routed on the inside of the door so glass can be inserted. Mullion frame doors create an attractive accent for a kitchen that can feel like a high-end upgrade. Next is a decorative door frame. This style has no center panel or mullion. It is complete hollow center with just a door frame. Like the mullion door style this option has a routed interior to accept glass insert. The Decorative door frame is a style that gives the high-end appearance with a great design accent for the client that does not like mullions.

Some accent door options are metal frame doors. These door styles are doors that have metal frame options that are routed to accept an insert of glass or any other material. Usually these styles are used in modern or contemporary them kitchens. The last door style option we will be going over today is a bead board door. This style has a bead board center panel. Bead board describes the vertical strips of wood connected together to make a uniform look. This style is used mostly in farmhouse style homes.

As you can see there are many options of door styles. Take your time and go see samples to make sure you select the right one. Get your theme and let your personality show through your door style.


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