The design process

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Have you been cooking in your kitchen lately wishing you had more room while bumping into things or bumping into other people? Not everyone has that luxury. Today we are showing you the different types of designs and how you can implement them into your kitchen. Each design has a reason to be chosen but it might not fit your area.

The design process uses a concept called the work triangle. This concept is for the movement between 3 areas of the kitchen: sink, stove and ref. The work triangle is an imaginary line connecting these 3 areas for efficiency. Each line of the triangle should be between 4’ and 9’ long. The total length of each side of this triangle should not be more than 26’.

There are 5 types of kitchen layouts for this triangle. Sometimes you may not be able to reconfigure the kitchen or change the layout but the main goal is to pick the right layout for your optimal kitchen efficiency.

First is a single wall (straight line). There is no triangle and has no flexibility with limited storage space. Mostly found in smaller homes and apartments.

For a gallery design, all cabinets face each other on a parallel wall. Great for small spaces with no corners. Disadvantage is that the counter is broken up.

For an L shaped kitchen, cabinets are on adjacent walls creating a work triangle. This design gives appliance flexibility and no traffic impediment. The disadvantage is that the work triangle can be too far apart.

The u shape design surrounds the cook. This is a large kitchen space with an efficient work triangle. This shape has 2 corners and needs enough space between both sides.

The G shape is like a U shape design with an added peninsula or 4th wall. This has a lot of counter space and lots of storage. However, it can feel cramped if there is not enough space for it.

Today we have to tips for you

First Tip –always use 42” space around walkways, minimum 36” from obstructions like an eating table and chairs.

2nd tip – measure these areas with the appliances open. It makes a difference for maximum efficiency.


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