Hey everyone. Welcome back to Thirsty on Thursday.

We have described the home concepts line of Wellborn. Today we will be describing the Wellborn Select Series line. The Select Series line of Wellborn is our most popular cabinet line at cabinet wholesalers. It is made with All American materials. The sides, tops and bottoms are ½” thick. The cabinet box is a laminated furniture board with ¾” adjustable shelves. The face frames are ¾” x 1 ¾” in sizes giving you 17% more stability compared to other manufactures. Your standard drawer is a laminated furniture board with ¾” sides and ½” front and back. Epoxy coated, self -closed guides are standard in select series.

In select series there are some most popular upgrade options. These upgrade options are plywood cabinet ends, all plywood construction and dovetail hard wood boxes with full extension soft close guides. Also you can upgrade the door hinges to soft close if desired. In select series all your exterior sides, tops and bottoms come natural maple or natural plywood. For this reason you will need to “finish the ends” that are exposed so that they match the front cabinet color.

The Select series line has many custom options available for you all at an economical price. You can get overwhelmed by all the choices let alone the massive size of the specification book but go thru it and choose what fits your need. At Cabinet Wholesalers we have designed a so called cheat sheet of the most used custom options available to you. We will be more than happy to send you a copy.

Now, Select series offers traditional overlay or full overlay. The full overlay style is the most common right now but traditional is making a comeback. When it comes to doors and colors, shaker is still at the top and in a Glacier or white paint. You can save with MDF fronts if using paint. The face frame will be hard wood but the doors and drawer faces will be MDF. This could save you 15% in comparison to using a maple or hardwood choice. MDF does not need as much prep for paint as a hardwood does thus saving you money in comparison.

So how can you sell Select series to your client? These are custom made cabinets in a premanufactured format. Wellborn debarks trees and creates cabinets. Wellborn is vertically integrated, which means they are in complete control of their product. When the client chooses Select series they receive a high quality custom made product at a pre manufactured price. Not to forget Select Series carries a lead time of 3 weeks. This creates a little more time for your client to make decisions before ordering their cabinets.

So remember no matter what series you choose with wellborn it is all American made and made completely in house at their facility in Alabama. Your client chose you based on trust. Trust that you will give them a great quality product for their budget. Now don’t disappoint them by cutting corners or by buying a cheap inferior product that just looks good. See you next week.


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