Fillers how to use them Video #15

Welcome back to Thirsty on Thursday. In one of the past videos we discussed fillers. What fillers are and how you can use them. There are more ways to utilize the filler so today I am going to give some more tips with fillers.

Let’s start by comparing the options of wide stile and extended stile. The EXTENDED STILE is an extended face frame that represents a filler. This way there is no seam where a filler is attached to the face frame it is a continuous face frame past the cabinet box. The wide stile is the same concept but where the entire cabinet box is extended the width of that filler size. So instead of just an extended face frame width it is an extended cabinet box.

Now there is a design solution that a lot of people use to give an upgraded look in the kitchen. This upgraded look is called clipped corners or angled fillers. You can bump the base or wall cabinet out 3” and use fillers on each side that angle backwards toward the cabinets of each side. The fillers will need to be cut on a 45 degree angle and will attach to each cabinet it is next to. This ads dimension to you design and is an inexpensive upgrade.

We also use fillers to create trim work. When you buy a semi – custom cabinet usually the hole for your appliance is already cut and you have to adjust that hole to fit your appliance. Grab your fillers and recess it inside the face frame of the cabinet hole to the size described. The recess makes the microwave look built in and it will look like a picture frame around your microwave. Also you can use the universal fillers as wainscotting and paneling in the room or along the back of the island. A dressier look for inexpensive price.

Now in closing let me give you 2 helpful hints.

  1. We have a trim overlay. This is when you attach your filler equal in depth to your face frame and then add a trim overlay piece on top of that. The trim overlay will be the same height as your doors and it will be at the same depth as your doors after being attached to the already installed filler. This gives a clean line across the kitchen and is considered a high end design concept tip.
  2. When you are on a jobsite and realize that you have not ordered enough fillers, the quickest and easiest fix is to grab some extra toe kick or skin material. After being a professional and making sure the toe kick is the same color, Grab some 1x laying around and attach the toe kick with glue and a pin nailer. Once you have the toe kick or skin material attached to the 1x you now have a on the job filler. No having to come back to finish a job, no having to spend money on another rushed order.

Fillers are your friend and there are many uses for them not just the typical next to a wall. Get creative and Upgrade your designs to perfection with using fillers the right way. See you next week.


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