Welcome back to thirsty on Thursday. Today we are giving you some hacks for remodeling your kitchen.


Dealing with Countertops make sure you carry countertops with the edge down so they won’t snap. If you carry the countertop flat it will snap.

When you are trying to glue 2 pieces together they tend to slide and slip. Add salt to your wood glue for friction and no slippage.

Put tape as a depth gauge on a drill bit if you are not going all the way thru the material. This gauge will keep you from blowing out the back.

If you don’t have the correct size drill bit for a hole that you need to drill you can actually just use a nail instead. Take the same size nail that you’re planning on using, clip off the head, attach it to the drill and just use that as the drill bit. Now you are ready without having to leave and come back.

When removing a nail from the wall where an item used to hang, you’re left with that little hole in the wall. Instead of driving to the store and spending money on spackle, just apply some toothpaste or a bar of soap. After some time drying you can paint right over it and no one would ever know

When hammering nails. Hold the nail with a pair of pliers, and you will save your finger if you miss hitting the nail.

Need to get sawdust out of the crevices of detail. Drill a hole in a paper/plastic cup and put a drinking straw in the hole. Put the vacuum hose in the cup, and you have an excellent cleaning tool for those hard spaces.

When drilling into hard wood. Add some candle wax or soap on your screws to drive them in easier.

To avoid tear out on while cutting plywood and laminate add a piece of tape on the bottom of the piece you are cutting. This keeps down on the splintering.

You need a metal saw blade. Take your miter saw wood blade turn it backwards and now it is a metal cutting blade

USE vinegar or fabric softener to clean your paint brushes

Use package tape to get roller fuzz of the paint roller

If you have small detail areas that you do not want painted use Vaseline

Pull your painters tape at an angle instead of straight up and down

Always hang ceiling first then the walls for sheetrock

Install factory edge to factory edge butt joints. This will give a clean straight line joint.

Use a rubber mallet to tap a cabinets face frame that is out of plumb.

Use toe kick covers as fillers when you run out of materials. Just attach it to a 1x laying around with glue and pin nails

You need a countersink but can’t find yours. Turn a screw around in your drill to create a countersink

Use the back of a dollar bill or the back of sand paper to fix rough stain finish

Adjust your inset doors equally using a penny for spacing.

I hope you found these interesting. These are only a few that I have learned over the years. I’m sure you have your own as well. By knowing the hacks of construction you can save yourself some time and money.

See you next week.




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