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When you are dealing with wood there are many characteristics that the uneducated eye would think is a defect. For this reason it is best for you to know as much information as you can on wood species and also educate the end user and have them sign a document of understanding. This way if something is in question then there are several avenues to develop a reason and solution when it arises. Many manufacturers have a document of understanding that can be used by their buyers or you can create your own. Let’s discuss some of the items that go in a document of understanding. 1st you need the clients name and date, your name as the supplier, the door style name, wood species and finish name. Next you will need a section describing the finish process and the finish techniques in detail with possibilities of what could arise. Add into the information the materials and how they react with humidity and moisture and also natural light shading. The construction of the materials whether mitered or solid wood needs to be described with expansion and contraction. When describing the characteristics of the different woods make sure you put enough information details that cover any description that could look as a defect. Remember the real reason you are doing this is to protect yourself but also inform and educate the client and it will make you look more professional. Last have a place for everyone to sign and date.

I have seen firsthand where no document of understanding was used and signed and the end user is now wanting their money back because they did not understand what they were buying. After speaking with the end users what they actually were looking at and how I was not a defect, they suggested they only wished they understood that at the beginning. So put a document together yourself or use a manufactures document of understanding. We can even send you one to use. No matter how you do it make sure you have this document at order time. Cause if you are calling me to come speak with your clients it is probably too late.


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