Will the appliance and it’s trim kit fit the cabinets?


We’re talking about your appliances, ovens, microwaves, ranges, and cooktops. You always need to check the spec sheets before you order your cabinetry, but check the right specification sheets. One of the things you’ll want to check for is if your appliance has a trim kit to be installed around it. When your cabinets come to you, you’re gonna have an opening already cut. You’ll have the width, depth, and a shelf in which your oven or your microwave will sit.

The cooktops will have an open area and you can scoop the sides or drop it in from there. In the video, we’re looking at a base microwave cabinet. Our installation plan would take the same approach as an upper cabinet for a microwave. You’ll have an opening and your microwave will sit on the shelf. Once the microwave is installed, you’ll have the trim kit that is installed around the microwave.

Since this opening has been made from the cabinet manufacturer, let’s explore options in the event the opening isn’t correct. An opening that is cut too large by the cabinet manufacturer can still be installed with some filler panels and support. In the event the opening is too small, you can cut the opening larger to an extent. You’ll be limited to expading the opening by the surrounding features of the cabinetry. And, exceeding these limits will prevent the drawers and doors from operating as intended and could potentially affect the overall integrity of the cabinet.

In the example in this video, the opening is fine, but trim kit is too large for the cabinetry as built. In this instance, we’ll need to customize this box, add a filler at the bottom, cut the shelf, get a new front and a new box at the bottom of the cabinet.