Why Do I Value Things I Do Myself More


My wife and I recently bought a beat up, damaged piece of furniture at a great price. We needed more storage for the toys of our two boys and just because I have tools handy my wife decided we could do it ourselves. We sanded the piece of furniture down to raw wood, we added trim pieces to cover inconsistencies, then stained it and then put it in the house. Although it would have been much easier to buy a brand new piece, the piece we spent days working on meant much more to us. Why? Because we created it and did it ourselves.

Studies have found interesting statistics when looking at “IKEAS” success described as “The IKEA effect”. People perceive more value in something they have built or created. When your prospect decides to purchase a kitchen or bath design it is an emotional decision for them. To keep them emotionally engaged you have to involve them in the design process from the beginning to the end.

I know you have done hundreds if not thousands of designs that are beautiful, but if you include the client’s in the ideas and even a little bit of the decisions and then compliment them on their ideas you will create the emotional attraction that will compel them to buy. If you just complete the design on your own and never get ideas or engage the client, when you present it to them they will like the design but will not be nearly invested in the outcome which could cause them to just look at the price.

Start at the beginning of the meeting on day one engaging your clients on the project, get them involved and the price will not matter. You do not want to become a commodity. Distinguish yourself as an expert that works with the client not against them. If you do this they will not want to work with anyone else.

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