Drawers Vs Pullouts

Why Should I choose a Stack of Drawers or Sliding Shelves

Going through a kitchen remodel has so many choices that you might get to the point when you just can’t make any more decisions. When Designing your kitchen and going through your wish list, one of the items that might have to be decided on is pullout shelves or a stack of drawers. I am sure you have had a hard time trying to get things in the back of your cabinets or having to pull everything out just to get to the one item that is in the very back. Well pullout shelves will definitely help with that. When looking at pullout shelves also consider changing the cabinet to a drawer base. Let’s talk about some of the reasons why.

When using pullout shelves you will be opening your doors to the cabinet and then utilizing the pullout shelf. The side rails of the pullout shelf or the height of the drawer is typically a measurement of 2-3 inches. This is a low measurement height so some items can tend to fall over inside the cabinet. Because the pullout shelves are of smaller dimensions they tend not to hold the weight as well and can tend to bow and sag with too much weight. Another factor to think of is if your cabinet has center mullions or supports in it. The center mullion is the vertical divider of your cabinet for stability. If you have these, instead of one big open pullout shelf it will be divided into two.

Now let’s talk about the drawer stack cabinets. You still have pullout shelves but now it is a complete front face and drawer box system being pulled out without opening doors first. The drawer boxes are taller and thicker which adds to the static weight it can hold inside. All manufactures use different size options when it comes to how many drawers you can have but the typical is either a 3 drawer pullout cabinet or a 4 drawer pullout cabinet. Some semi-custom cabinet lines do offer 2 drawer cabinets and 5 drawer cabinets. The 2 drawer cabinets are fantastic and function well for pots and pans. These 2 drawer cabinets are also being used for plate holders and glass holders. The 3 drawer cabinets or even the 4 drawer base cabinets are mostly found around the dishwasher for cutlery. For these cabinets typically the top drawer front face is 6” with the drawer itself is 3” high and the bottom drawer front faces are 11” high and the drawers being 7” each. Now when talking sizes most people will tell a size from the outside drawer front. This measurement is of no significance since your items go on the inside not outside. Always ask the interior dimensions of the drawers. When using framed cabinets compared to a frameless cabinet the sizes are different.

We have seen some kitchens that are all stack drawer cabinets, some that only have 1 stack drawer cabinet and some that have zero stack drawer base cabinets. No matter what you decide pick what fits your needs and styles. You want to look aesthetically great and at the same time be functional. Hint another reason to have an experienced professional designer involved.