What is the Right Layout for Your Kitchen Cabinets?

What is the Right Layout for Your Kitchen Cabinets?

When it is time to design and create the floor plan for your kitchen remodeling project or even a new build, it is important to consider how your kitchen cabinets can add beauty and functionality to the space. In many cases, people make cabinetry the afterthought, but when the layout is carefully planned and the cabinets are considered, the room will have balance and eye appeal and the homeowner will be pleased with how functional the area is for day-to-day use.

Home improvement experts report that using a triangular shape for the kitchen workspace helps to make the most of the area. Making each point of the triangle and equal distance apart is beneficial and it is suggested that the points be a minimum of four feet from each other, but not more than nine feet distance between the points.

One of the goals of your kitchen should be to achieve a maximum usable space as well as convenience, and this should also be a goal with your cabinetry. Keeping your cabinets easily accessible, yet out of the way of the cooking prep is a good rule of thumb.

What Are Your Goals for Kitchen Cabinets?

One person may believe best use of cabinet space is storage, while another prefers to use cabinet space to display special items. These items can be displayed by using glass in the cabinet doors or by leaving a shelf-like space above the cabinets. It is truly a personal preference issue, but it will be helpful to consider these preferences as you arrange the layout for the kitchen.

It’s much easier to address these issues now as you are designing than waiting until later when you realize you can’t stand your kitchen because the placement of the cabinets is inconvenient. Do your kitchen cabinets the right way, and think through the layout and design, so you have a result that brings you happiness for years to come.

If you still feel in the dark and are unsure about how you should lay out your kitchen plans, contact an expert who knows kitchen cabinets and can help you to make the most of your space.

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