Hey everyone. Welcome back to Thirsty on Thursday.

Today we are going to get to know about the new Wellborn frameless Aspire line. I know you all have heard of Ikea. Ikea is one of the largest frameless cabinet suppliers in the world. There are pros and CONS about Ikea. Whatever your opinion they are selling around 40 kitchens per week. Because of this number a lot of manufactures like Wellborn are starting frameless lines.

When you want frameless cabinets, usually it is because you want a modern look. However, it might just be because you want more space available inside the cabinets or maybe you just like the look. Wellborn Aspire line is a full access frameless line. It is inspires by European Cabinetry with straight continuous clean lines. Aspire has 50,000 + door style combinations in high gloss and matte acrylics, wood, MDF, Decorative Laminate Veneer and even textured doors. You have choices of traditional, transitional and contemporary door options. Some of the doors have a vertical grain pattern and some have a horizontal grain pattern. These cabinets are 35% heavier than your regular cabinets.
The interior of these cabinets come either white, grey or natural maple melamine. When measuring know that if you have an exposed side you will need to add ¾” panel to your cabinet. This will create an exposed side to match the door color. Choices of wood dovetail and metal drawers with soft close rails. There is ¾”panels, ends, shelves, tops and bottoms. The front edge banding has choices also. You can have a matching edge, aluminum edge or an accent edge.  The color inspire option is also available in Aspire. You can pick a color from Sherwin William, Benjamin Moore or Valspar.

A 4 week lead time for our order to arrive. There are many companies that sell frameless products, make sure you pick the right manufacture with high quality. When you use a frameless cabinet it needs to be built very well to hold its integrity. If installed wrong it will be what we call racked, which causes the cabinet to be out of plumb. First excuse is to blame the cabinet but it is caused by the install.
So in closing remember in frameless quality is of highest importance along with the right installer. We will be offering training classes for the Aspire line throughout the year. Feel free to call me at 404.409.0283 if you would like to attend. It is completely free. We will see you next week.


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