Should I choose Handles or Knobs for my cabinets Ready

What Cabinet Hardware Should I Use

You have your cabinets, you have your countertops and you have your backsplash, now how can you add some flair and some of your personality to the kitchen. The answer, cabinet hardware. Your knobs and pulls give that distinctive taste of who you are. So let’s look at your options and what you should choose. When you design your kitchen you probably have a theme that you are matching. You need to stick with that theme with the cabinet hardware as well. Whether traditional, modern or country farm style, stick with the theme. This also makes it easier to select your choice of hardware because by staying within your theme you eliminate many of the items and narrow the choices to pick from. It can get overwhelming with all the options. When it comes to the finish try to keep it cohesive with the other finishes in your kitchen. The faucet, the door knobs and the lighting fixtures should match the cabinet hardware. You can choose oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, bronze or even custom colored. I have even seen specialty hardware options for cabinets like footballs, action figures, animals, letters, numbers and many more. There are many choices out there just again try to keep it simple. If your cabinetry has a glaze on the finish try to get close to that glaze color as well. This will bring the color of the glaze out for a little extra flavor.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to using either knobs or pulls. The typical kitchen will have knobs on the doors and pulls on the drawers. But there are many people that have handle pulls on all cabinets or knobs on all cabinets. This is a preference for the homeowner. Some things to think about. When using pulls decide if you want 1 or 2 pulls per drawer. The size of the pull and drawer front will determine how many to use. You do not want a small 3” pull on a drawer front that is 36” wide. On the special cabinets like a trash can pullout or a spice rack pullout pick a good location to install the hardware that you have chosen. Again it can be a pull or a knob. The typical size choice is a 3” on center pull for drawers. The reason is that this is the most popular size so if you ever have to change out the hardware there will be more choices for you at this size. However, if the size changes in the future a lot of hardware comes with back plates that will cover the previous screw holes.

Just like when you buy cabinets, you do not want to go cheap. Find a high quality with a good price since these are pieces that you will be tugging on many times daily. Going with the cheapest option might cost you more money in the future. Get a sample and feel the weight. Put it against your cabinets and see if there is enough room for your fingers to fit. Make sure the hardware doesn’t stick out to get caught on your pants when walking by.

So in closing, what we went over today is the typical choices in the industry but with hardware it’s ok to go outside the box. If you have a wild hair, this is the place to use it in your kitchen. It’s your kitchen that you will be in multiple times daily you should pick what you love.