Saying Thank You Pays Off

Saying Thank You Pays in the Long Run

I learned early in my working career what “Thank You” means to customers. Not only does it build a relationship with a customer, it also makes you feel good as a person. The customer you say “Thank You” to feels as if they are important. Think how nice it is every time you go to Chick-Fil-A and get a Thank You. Their story describes how important it is to use these words with every customer. Their revenue speaks for itself.

My first real job was at the Ritz Carlton. I began as a valet, driving cars I had only seen in magazines or on television. When I took the personal keys to the car of a customer I would Thank them for visiting our city and hotel. I then reassured them that their car was in good hands. The training at the Ritz Carlton imbedded into me that looking them in the eye and saying “Thank You” must be done. Treat the customer with a red carpet, like a VIP they are. This was the Ritz Carlton motto but in different words. This led to great tips which was awesome for a freshman in college but most impressive was that my boss received many compliments from our guests during their visit. At the time I had no idea, these little actions that the Ritz Carlton was teaching me would set me up for a career in sales.

My next job opportunity was at a private Country Club in Atlanta as a food and beverage manager. Every time I got the opportunity, I spoke how happy I was to see the member and take care of them. I did this while looking them in the eye and showing enjoyment. NOT JUST WORDS!!! People can read if you are being authentic or just going through the motions. I began to get club members asking me to work their private holiday parties and members began telling me they had a position open at their company if I wanted a new job. I never thought that just talking to people and having a meaningful conversation would set my path in life. I ended up taking a job from one of the club members that created my career in the construction industry.

While I have been in the construction industry for over 22 years, not a day goes by without telling someone “Thank You”. I try my best to tell each client Thank You for trusting our company with their job and I will strive to do my best for them. Telling them “Thank You” is easy because they could have gone anywhere to buy their cabinets but they picked me to be their supplier.

A lot of sales people are trained to say “Thank You” but they don’t know how to express it or don’t really mean it. This is not hard to do, it is common courtesy. You must look the customer in the eye, call them by name and really mean “Thank You” when you say it. If writing a Thank You card talk from the heart, if you are conversing over the phone sound true not scripted. In my career, I have sent many written Thank You cards, Thank You emails and said a “Thank You” many times over the phone.

By simply saying Thank You your customer will be put at ease, enjoy the relationship you share, start giving you reviews and referrals which in return creates leads from word of mouth. But most of all will be the pleasure you get by putting a smile on someone else’s face. Concentrate on the customer not just the sale. So start with your customer today and say Thank You.