Discovery Questions for a Kitchen and Bath Design

Discovery Questions for a Kitchen and Bath Design

If we designers truly want to sell and help the client meet their expectations then we need to find out as much information as we can upfront. Many kitchen and bath experts just ask the general questions to start the conversation but never get to the in depth questions to find the real wants of the homeowner. The designers then move too quickly to show their products that they can provide.

The client is in front of the designer and the designer immediately wants to show and prove how they are better than all their competition. The easiest way to do this in the designers mind is to showcase the products they can provide and information about their company. However, it is way too early in the sales process. The designer wants to show off how perfect the products are for the homeowner and how they can to right place. What these “expert designers” do not realize is that they have just commoditized themselves, they are no different than the designer down the street.

The products and services the designer offers may or may not be the best fit for the homeowner. There should have been more accurate questions asked to the homeowner. Think of a doctor, if the doctor describes a prescription without a diagnosis it is malpractice. Don’t commit design malpractice. Find the reason with the prospect that makes your product or service can produce the best outcome.

For instance we had a prospect came in that said they wanted to remodel their kitchen and replace everything. The designer asked general questions such as if they had any colors they liked, if they had any storage features they need and if they had a time frame of finishing the job. All great questions, but after I spoke with the prospect and asked more detail questions I found they have a disabled family member and it had been a hard few years trying to adapt to the new lifestyle. I explained to them we have Handicap accessible cabinetry made just for their situation. They did not even know it was an option without going to a custom cabinet shop. So to say if we had not asked the extra questions the true needs of the family might not have ever come out.

There are many designers that can design kitchens and baths but only the best designers can ask the right questions and show the prospect things they never knew were possible.

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