Simple Kitchen Storage Solutions Ready

Simple Kitchen Storage Solutions

You can get overwhelmed today with all the advice and opinions of how to create storage in your cabinets. There is nothing better than being able to have an organized and calm house. Especially while most people are spending so much time in their homes right now. How much stuff do you have laying on the countertops? How many items do you have stuffed inside your cabinets? Let’s start looking at some easy ways to help you organize the clutter and gain extra space. If you look around your kitchen find spaces that can be used for space saving ideas. Let’s begin with the sink cabinet. You could add tilt out trays at the top of your sink. The fake drawer front under the sink can tilt down and house your sponges and brushes. You can use a sliding shelf or hanging basket under the sink for supplies. Some companies have sliding pullout shelves that are in the shape of a U to slide around the pipes. Also you could use a basket to hang on the door inside to house extra plastic bags or dish towels. This area is small due to the pipes so you might have to use command hooks to hold on the interior side walls. Look at the upper wall cabinets in your kitchen you can install some corkboard on the backside of the cabinet doors for recipes, coupons or just notes. The backside of your cabinet doors is also a great place to put pot and pan lids. Container Store has excellent lids holders that attach to the back of the door. Look for tray dividers or file racks to organize your cookie sheets and baking sheets. If you cook with a lot of spices find a tiered spice shelf or you could turn a flat 3” or 6” filler in the kitchen into a spice pullout rack. Look around your upper cabinets and see if there is any space to add shelves. Go to the local store buy some ¾” thick sand plywood and some shelf clips. There are 2 different sizes of shelf clips so make sure you get the right ones. In your drawers you could add a tiered cutlery tray for your utensils. One of the types of cutlery tray that we see a lot has 2 levels. One level for more spoons, forks and knives. There a lot of people that are taking advantage of every space available. Some people are even adding pullout shelfs under their base cabinets where the recessed toe kicks are next to the floor. There are so many ways to get organized just get creative.