2021 Color Trends for Cabinets

2021 Color Trends for Cabinets

We were recently looking through old family pictures when I was a child and when my parents were children. I noticed all the colors of appliances and cabinets and other themes in the pictures that were taken inside. It is amazing how a lot of those colors from that time period are making a come back. We all have heard or lived through the avocado appliances, laminate cream and green countertops with cabinets being a medium or light brown wood. Wall paneling or wallpaper and orange and gold linoleum floors with dark wood trim around windows and doors.

In our present day, now in 2021 white is still the favorite. We have seen a trend of islands in blue or navy, gray or slate and every so often a wood tone to compliment the white surround. Designers have said that gray soft palette goes well with many colors and opens options for countertops and backsplash colors. A lot of natural light with big windows and an open floor plan. We have seen a lot of floating shelves in demand for feeling of open spaces. With appliances stainless steel is number one and lighting options everywhere. More light the better, under cabinet lighting, pendants, recessed can lights and even floor lights.

Soft Greens like sage or mint is suppose to make an appearance but be subtle. For the traditionalist kitchen the darker green called evergreen is a great accent color. Reds and yellows will show up for the modern, trendy kitchens. These will mostly only be seen for the client with very distinctive taste.

Black has always been an option and will continue to be, but in moderation. Black or charcoal will be niche colors but too much can make a room feel small. Black gloss or black matte can be too dramatic in a small area.

We have seen an upswing currently of nature tones or soft browns. If done correctly these tones are very elegant and a great option with the countertops and painted walls that compliment.

There are so many color options to choose from, the main thing to think of is how will my cabinets be used? What is my lifestyle? Lights and darks show more dirt and marks, dark tones can make an area feel smaller. Too much contrast can look light a mistake. Get with a designer to assist you with the color choices since it is a huge investment.

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